Manipulating words, pictures, narrative and form, Jo’s work often follow patterns, resulting in compositions that oscillate between the simple and the strange.

Driven instinctively by cut-and-paste methods and photographic overlay processes, the work often maps ‘movements’ – primarily of people and ideas – through space and time.

Examining past, present and possible future realities (replete with their unsteady surfaces and shifting boundaries), wondering aloud as to whether these moving spaces may be the most ‘solid’ points on which we stand, these ideas are assembled (and reassembled) variously through pictures, designs and writing.


Jo works as an arts manager/administrator; artist; designer; educator (university lecturer and teacher); journalist; project manager; english language teacher & arts writer.

She has worked for arts and media organisations including:

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Fremantle Arts Centre
The West Australian Newspaper
The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

She currently lives and works in Perth, Australia.

contact: info@jopickup.com


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